Following on from the Government directive on Monday 23rd we have now withdrawn our home visit service until further notice.

As an alternative we can provide a remote service via telephone, email & post.

Stay safe and follow the guidelines and we will get through this difficult time for everyone.

Beware of 2020!

When signing and dating legal or important documents it is important to get this right.

Most people when writing or typing a date would use the format dd/mm/yy e.g. 06/03/20.

However for the year 2020 this is not recommended.

We would strongly advise to use the format dd/mm/yyyy e.g. 06/03/2020.

The reason for this is it would be far too easy for someone to retrospectively change the year if you used the format dd/mm/yy. So for example, if you wrote the date as 06/03/20 and someone want to change this date back to the 6th of March 2019 all they would need to do is add a 19 on to the end i.e. 06/03/20 would the read 06/03/2019!!!