Protect Your Assets in Scotland

With the Family Protection Trust (FPT) or our specialist Protective Property Will we can help you protect your assets for your intended beneficiaries.

We all work hard to build up our assets for our children and it is important to protect these assets as much as possible to ensure the right people benefit.

Family Protection Trust

A FPT can potentially help you avoid executry costs and care costs, ensures your children do not inherit at the wrong time, avoids creating or compounding an Inheritance Tax liability for children, can help to minimise Legal Rights claims and Incapacity issues and helps avoid sideways disinheritance.

Protective Property Will

In the event a surviving partner was to remarry, the Protective Property Will ensures your share of the home will be safeguarded for your children’s inheritance which in turn can help protect your share of the property from care costs.

Free Home Visits

We provide a no-obligation home visit service covering Central Scotland at a time convenient to you. This includes daytime, evening or even weekends.

With many people having busy lifestyles this service has allowed many of our clients to get their affairs in order and give them the peace of mind afforded by our services.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service and we can arrange a suitable time for your home visit.

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